The differences between the most common hair types

Each person has a specific genetic code, which added to the everyday facts, such as food and exposure to the sun, can influence from the toes to the hair of the hair, literally. In addition to the color of the locks, genetic influences the thickness and wires format and can tell a lot about your hair type.


Genetic interferes with hair style, both in form and color. And European descent, e.g., hair has a thickness 0.04 to 0.1 mm thinner than Asians, having an average diameter between 0.08 and 0.12 mm, and grow faster in speed than other ethnic groups. Brazil is a case apart on the rating for being a multicultural people. How rare to find families who have no ethnic mix, it is impossible to identify the type of hair only the origin. In this case, it is necessary to observe the type of hair, color and texture.

Natural blond varies the diameter of the hair between 0.017 to 0.051 mm and the dark color between 0.064 and 0.1 mm. To compensate for the thickness, blond women have more hairs on average 140 000, 110 000 and brunettes. Redheads are ushers volume, with 90,000 threads, but they make up in size, and on average has 0.09 mm on the hair.


Despite the natural characteristics of hair, and straightening as chemical dyes may affect the thickness of the wires. These procedures stir the hair structure because they need to open the cuticle, one part of the hair fiber, to change the locks, which makes the hair lose nutrients during the process. If you would like to make your thin hair go back to what it was all you need to use is Minoxidil shampoo.

Those who have thin hair and use products for thick hair, and vice versa…is it a huge problem?

No problem, as a person does not only have thick and thin hair. They might have it all mixed.

 But that does not mean that a product will modify the structure of the hair coming smooth, leave high, etc. All people need to do is think twice and know what they are going to use in order not to damage their hair structure or even cause them any sort of allergies or health related issues.